Growing up I wasn’t really into kids for whatever reason. I babysat as a little pre-teen job and really loved that but the thought of my own-nope!  David and I were just going to have dogs, travel and have a little wee house in the county.  Well that was my plan. David? Maybe not so much! 

We bought our first house at age 26 and it was the cutest little house in the country and I was so excited to have a spare room for friends to come and stay in after a night of delicious food, vino, singing and dancing! That spare room was used and it was loved by our friends! 

2010 came along and we got married (after I asked David of course-impatient AF) and then we said we were still okay without kids until one day we thought to ourselves what an experience we may miss if we didn’t have any. Having said that were weren’t totally sold on the idea yet. Well….April 2, 2012 became the best day of our lives and the world changed all for the better! 

Now let’s be honest it hasn’t been all roses and sunshine-cause sometimes these kids are assholes and they are hard to like! 

Also, where is the damn manual?!? 

I can remember when Hewett was born I was so excited but I wasn’t a natural mom and I had to learn to love him. We had to grow in our relationship together. Don’t get me wrong I loved him at first sight but the love has grown into something I can’t describe accurately with words.

There are days when he doesn’t listen to a thing I say, when I yell more than I care to admit, when he makes me want to pull my hair out and he is so much of a mix of both of us which a trip most days! 

It is like dealing with a miniature version of your spouse or partner but on a daily basis-gah!!! Just crazy because the little spawns always pick up the most annoying traits from the other parent-it never fails! 

Kids are just this little walking fast pace life clock that makes the world whip at a rapid pace and then you blink and they are 10!!!! I can’t imagine how quickly we will see 15 and 20, etc. 

One thing I know for sure in this world is that having Hewett was, is and will always be the best thing to ever happen to me-I hope to be just like him when I grow up! 

Now the sappy part and letter to my boy, my favourite person of all time! 

Mr. Hewett Jan Tomas Tejnor you my darling boy are the most incredible, amazing, funny, empathetic, witty, friendly, out-going, boisterous, respectful, charming, handsome boy we could have ever wished for! You have been non-stop going since the day you came into this world (labouring all throughout April Fools Day) and we wouldn’t change anything about you! 

Your dimples are like some I have never seen before and your smile can light up a dark room. Your heart is as a big as they can make them and your soul is old and wise. 

You are athletic but not a show-off

You are empathetic but wise with your offerings 

You are connected but not too tightly

You are spontaneous but always have a plan 

You are loving and only give the good kind of love

You are wise beyond your years but remain young at heart 

You are funny but at no one’s expense 

You are aware but not fearful 

You are amazing but don’t know just how much yet 

You are 10!! 

Not a day has gone by with you in it that your Dad and I haven’t found joy, love and all things positive from you!  From the way you can always make everyone feel important, the way you hug people so they feel your kindness and the way you make sure the people you care about know just how much you love them. 

When I look back on the last 10 years I can’t help but wonder where this world will take you and what kind of path lies ahead! I do know that no matter where you end up we will love you like you have loved us, we will guide you like you have guided us and we will be rooting for you every step of the way! 

The sun shines brighter with you here, the stars twinkle more with you here and my heart loves stronger than ever before with you here!

Thank you sweet boy for allowing me to love you! 

Happy Birthday 

I love you more



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