Specialty Shortbread Cookies Handmade With Love.


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Brees Communications @BreesComm

 This sweet summer treat gets our YUM stamp of approval! 

On Friday I bought my first package of your Lime and Kampot Pepper shortbread (hour's drive for me from Eastern Ontario). Fabulous!!!ead (OMG) in Hudson, Quebec.


OMG. That Chocolate, Toffee and Pecan Shortbread cookie from The Shortbread Company was friggin' delicious. If you see my friend Rose-Mary Sweetman's cookies in Pusateri's, McEwan's, or other gourmet stores, buy them. Delish!!

— Brian Simpson

Tanya MacLeod @TanyaMacLeod

 Hi! Your shortbread is amazing! Drove 45 mins to buy some today!!