How many times have you said to yourself I will join the gym next week, next month, in the new year etc.? Yeah, me too! 

I have always dabbled with being physical-besides the dancefloors at local bars and my kitchen but I have never really truly felt like I was giving it my all, pushing the limits or being pushed-in the nicest, most motivating way at a GYM, or something that we all think of when we think of a gym. For those of you that grew up in my local area, 10k was my place. Damn I loved that place (or so I thought)-that is where I really began to love working out. I loved the idea of being in a stinky, sweaty, meat locker with mirrors all around-you wonder why people are scared, right?! I used to go in the AM to get it over with and so it didn’t get in the way of my dance parties, drinking or socializing-that was why I went to the gym. Let’s just say my relationship with the gym wasn’t for the right reasons that is for sure. I was a typical teenager (you thought I was younger, didn’t you?) who was only worried about the size in my jeans, how good my butt looked and how many weight lifting dudes checked me out when they visited the water fountain 1000 times in an hour! Now don’t get me wrong, I worked out hard and ran on the treadmill like it was my job but I had energy back then and I was always racing against myself. Secret-I have always wanted to be a runner but we don’t have a running club where I live so I am not a runner-yet!

I always wanted to be “fit”, I mean who doesn’t?! The issue is now that I am older and wiser, I now know what “fit” needs to mean for me! Working out gave me that high feeling but it never really made me need to go back for more and more intense workouts. I would be into it for a while and then out of it again and then back on the wagon and then off the wagon-had some bad years where I wasn’t so friendly to my body and therefore it hit me that I really do need to be active in order to feel better, stronger (both physically & mentally), healthier and be a better person in my everyday life! I actually had to have it and I needed it but in a certain way.

Fast forward to about 2 years ago when I was introduced to a wonderful human who will say that she doesn’t deserve any credit, or that she doesn’t need to be named, or that she finds motivation from you, or that she isn’t what every person needs in order to feel amazing and be the best they can be! Michelle-you are more awesome than you realize!!  In amongst all of the amazing-ness that is her, she also had 2 motivating humans (super-human Dennis & Jaclyn) behind her and they started a workout at our local track-great I was a wanna-be-runner anyways, this would be perfect. Perfect=WHAT HAVE I GOT MYSELF INTO? If there was time that pep talk upstairs was needed-it was now! Just when you think you are in some sort of decent shape the loop around the track would be staring you in the eyes. I remember both Dennis & Jaclyn welcoming me but they could see the fear, I know it LOL! That summer was met with nervousness, lack of self worth, lack of self motivation and certainly a lot of jiggly bits which were all good things! I made it through in the heat of summer, the dew on my soaked running shoes, more deodorant than one human should wear and a sweating contest that I somehow always won-yep! I sweat and a LOT!

That is where the love of movement came back for me-truly came back to me!

The track was just an introduction to what was about to come in studio @ The Ignite Company.

The Ignite Company (this is my own plug-I wasn’t asked to do this but it has changed me) is a dream born from Dennis Sicard-owner and founder located in Cobourg, ON. You can check out the website for more details on him and the whole amazing team that is The Ignite Company! 

The Ignite Company often leaves me speechless-IYKYK that is hardly possible and sometimes, yes, it is due to not being able to breath from a workout. I will try to articulate what it means to me and I am sure to so many others. First of all, when you energetically vibrate at an unparallel level, then you get to coach here-that is where the foundation begins. My coaches (Dennis & Jaclyn) no matter what day it is, time, personal issues etc., you get the best of the best. So much so that I have had the words “I am right here to catch you if you fall” or “you can do this, I know you can” or “you can do anything for 10 seconds” or “amazing job” or “fire it up” or “even if I have to carry you around this track, you will make it” or “you are amazing” and the list goes on and on. The one that really sits with me recently and over and over is “I am right here to catch you if you fall” and I will tell you why! 

Everyday (I do not attend everyday but it sounded really good, right?) that I make my way into the gym there is so much equipment around, bikes, rowing machines, weights, sleds, yoga mats (not for sleeping on, trust me), bosu balls and more BUT the one piece that has always had me in such fear is the Plyo Jump Box (I use capitals because it is a boss and it haunts me). This box has been inside my head for many years and I honestly “I just know my body, and I can’t do it”. I have said that over and over and I just modify and do my own thing-until Friday Feb 25th, 2022. We all arrived for class and we split into groups, some upstairs and some downstairs. We watch as the main level gets instruction from an open-air balcony above so we somewhat know what is to come. Well, I hear in some faint voice I must be imagining “everyone is going to try to jump the box today”. Literally, I don’t even remember the upstairs workout as I was already in a straight panic about the box, self-doubt at its finest! 

As I made my way downstairs, and I could see that little fucker in the distance I was coming up on it next in the circuit. For the first 15 seconds of the first 30 second interval, I just did my usual one foot at a time and then there was Dennis-he came out of nowhere and said “I am right here to catch you if you fall”-every other time he has given me support it has always worked out, so I thought Rosie you have to try. Right then and there I just said a little pray and made a jump and WHOLY SHIT, both feet landed!!!! I was so fucking stunned that I jumped off like it was a hot potato but then I did it two more times-now let’s go full circle and understand that there was a cheering squad that day like always but today they were clapping and cheering for me (and all the other amazing people who tried as well) and right behind me cheering her heart out was Michelle-my heart was so full, thankful and so proud. Thank you so much! 

I know to some this isn’t a huge deal and that is okay but this for me was everything and this is exactly the experience you will get at Ignite day in and day out! 

If you are thinking about it and are not sure, or you just think that you have to look a certain way to be “fit” you are so wrong! I am more fit now than I have every been in my whole entire life and I feel strong, I feel supported and I feel like I am part of a community that has my back no matter where I am at. Ignite has changed my life and I will be forever thankful to the coaches, the facility and every damn person that I have the pleasure of working out alongside. Do I have so much more to work towards and are some days hell and involve tears? YEP, that is okay though!

The best thing that I continue to do for myself is show up consistently, work hard and know that by getting to the gym physically, I have already done the hardest part.

P.S. Thank you to Jaclyn for the photo of the infamous little fucker and your words of encouragement always xo.

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