When I was a child, I didn’t even really notice when the seasons changed, I don’t think. I would just notice the spring jackets as they made their way into the hallway closet, boots become shoes at the front door and the winter coats hit the donation bins.  I sure as heck notice now because these are the days that with that warm sunny sunshine comes a better view for my husband to see my insane chin hairs-LIKE WTF?!?! 

Ladies (I use this term because this is how I can relate) where do these jerks come from? I mean I always had a hairless chin with no concern of black witch hairs-which by the way are also stealthy, sneaky insanely discreet at all the wrong time little asshole hairs! I have done some Google research on these buggers and well they aren’t just blessing my body, they are blessing some women as we get older. Keep the Flawless blades on stand-by, you gonna need ‘em! 

I should also dedicate this whole paragraph to my husband and thank him for always noticing these strange little hairs that POP up and also thank him for his “babe, what the fuck is happening to you” comments-I love you too!! 

Let’s be real, there are many other gifts that come to women as we get older and to everyone really, in their own way-I can only just reflect on my own experiences. I have also enjoyed hitting up the XL pad aisle for night periods these days (yes, night periods are a thing all on their own) WOW I had no idea this fun would begin so early. I honestly feel like I am harnessed in with these bad boys. Front of the neck to the back and I still might not make it out safely. Where is all this information locked up? I mean why are we not prepared and told that things are gonna get crazy?!?! I know I am not alone-a unnamed friend even had her tampon blow out at our workout class with just a swift upswing of a sit-up. I mean is this the goodness we get to look forward to? Either way it could always be worse! In fact, yes it can be. Keep reading! 

Not sure if any of you have bladders that for some reason no longer enjoy allowing you to decide when it is time to go to pee on your own?!?! Yeah, me too! I mean I shouldn’t say I have lost all control but I do have to really think hard these days about how much I am going to drink before leaving the house, is there a washroom when I arrive, will there be a clean public washroom-ugh!! Sometimes I can still be a camel and this bladder is tight and performing at its peak while other times it is a full-on freeze mode while laughing, jogging or even breathing! If you don’t worry about any of these things yet well…just wait! 

I also have become kind of psycho when it comes to things like Potlucks-these should be banned really. Also, I haven’t become this way-I have just always been this way. I am going to own it! I thought I could group it into something that started to occur once I got older but it is just another weird, quirky behaviour of mine. I have come to understand though that I am not alone in the fear of the POTLUCK! I think I will leave this here and leave it alone-that is good for now! 

Let’s get back to what happens as I get older-the joy of no more drama and not giving a fuck unless I really need to. Isn’t that the best thing ever?! I really took this on or rather learned how to do this when I had my boy Hewett almost 10-yrs ago and it is a lesson I tell all new moms. You get to finally be the actual boss and make all the decisions.  You have this little being that you get to be in charge of and well-they have to listen. Other people also have to listen to you too and respect your wishes when it comes to you, your family, your little people, pets, whatever it is that you are responsible for. You are the boundary keeper! 

I used to be a people pleaser and really honestly, I cared if people liked me, if they liked what they saw, if they found me funny, etc. As I have become a mom and wife and older in general, I just don’t give a fuck anymore. I have been through some shit like us all but life is too damn short to worry if people like me or not. I am who I am and if you like me, then lucky you because I like people back really hard-if you don’t that is okay too! No hard feelings at all we just get to move past each other and not worry about it. Such a blessing! This truly has been one of the very best lessons of growing older-having peace with who I am and being in control of who I let in. I am always taking resumes so there is still time if you wish xo.

There is still a plethora of strange and interesting experiences I will have as I age which I truly am looking forward to because it will only add to my personality and will allow more life to ensue! Buckle up Rosie!!

Cheers to getting older and not giving any fucks! 

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