This Guy!!

This Guy!!

It all began one September day in 1996 on the front steps of CDCI West during a fire drill.  I approached this cute, shy boy and said "I heard you speak Czech?" Some pick-up line eh?! Thank god I don't have to date these days-I do love using my friends dating apps though!! 

Clearly my line worked because here we are 26yrs later and 12yrs married! 

As I have always claimed here before and still do, I am no expert when it comes to giving advice but I can just hope that perhaps someone, somewhere in this big wide world can relate on some level to the feelings, words and time I share on here-not regularly either btw!!  Good thing I am not a hired blogger, I would be fired! 

In my opinion relationships in general go through ups and downs but sometimes they are given up on too early because it gets hard. Just like any relationship you have to choose to make it work and you have to make the choice to stay. 

26 years later, 12 years married (Sept 25th), several houses, a child, a few dogs, some shit cards dealt and some really amazing times, I have come to realize that this thing called marriage can be a real challenge but also so rewarding at the very same time! 

David Tejnor (he doesn't have a middle name btw) is one of the finest people on this planet-this I do know for sure! If you are lucky enough to be in his circle then you already know this!! Be it sappy or cheesy but the truth is written all over his genuine personality, his way of making everyone feel special, the way he sees people for who they really are, the way he can silently assess a situation without judgement and the way he has put up with so much personal shit (not to mention me) and still remain true to himself.  

-He is the only person I know that when he laughs too hard he pukes-I mean everywhere, like the exorcist. Lets just say that his buddies heating vents....nah lets not go there.

-He loves animals like only a few I know (Kay you are one of them)

-He is a midnight snacker

-He lives with chronic pain and makes it look easy

-He is a devoted worker and someone you always want on your team

-He loves with his whole heart even when he shouldn't or when times are challenging

-He loves children, the way they see the things for the first time and is always up for a challenge with the shy ones to make them feel comfortable

-He is the best big brother 

-He cuts grass like a champ and it always looks the best when he does it

-He is truly one of a kind and a bit of a weirdo (he loves to be called that, no joke!) 

-He doesn't take anything for granted and still sleeps with new shoes beside his bed because he is so thankful for them

-He doesn't care what you drive, where you live or who you hang out with-he is going to like you for you, not your things or social status

David grew up in challenging times in Czechoslovakia and escaped with his family to Cobourg in November of 1989 just days before the revolution which ended 40yrs of communist rule. He and his brother came with a single suit case each and thought they were coming to Canada for a holiday.  Little did he and his brother know that they were moving here and not going "home". 

His first day of school here in Cobourg was a drop-off at the doors of the then Thomas Gillbard Public School not knowing a word of English. This still brings tears to my eyes when I think about it but that is probably when David first learnt how to be strong.  His days of having to be strong have been tested as of lately and of course many times before with personal illness, family crap, me and my bullshit but these past two weeks he has truly shown me a side of him that I knew he always carried but WOW I have been blown away. He has shown so many that once again he always puts others before himself and loves really hard! He never sways from who he is amongst everything else spinning around him. 

David, I love you more than I ever have and sometimes I know this marriage thing is insane but there truly isn't anyone else I want to be doing this thing called life with!! I am thankful for you and couldn't have asked for a better life partner! You are such a loving, kind, understanding and impatient Dad-Haha! Joking aside, Hewett doesn’t know how lucky he truly is. He already has your passion for F1 and knows too much about cars for a 10yr old. He is so lucky that he has your empathetic heart, your love for the outdoors and your dimples. You have proven time and time again that cycles can be broken from generation to generation with hard work and that Hewett will always be your #1! 

Happy 12th Anniversary! I love you more and since it is the year of silk and linen I went ahead and bought us some really nice linen sheets! You are welcome! For your present to me, you have to use the top sheet lol.




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