Wow! Is it just me or does everything feel really really heavy?! Also, has January felt like 525,600 days?(cue TikTok reel with music ) I know I can’t be alone in this that is for sure!   There has been so much sadness, division, sickness, and that is only the tip of the ice burg! Sometimes we can’t relate to others on all levels-that is normal and that is life but lately the path and journey of indifference seems impossible! I don’t claim to have any resolution for any of this just a glimpse into what I personally do to make things feel lighter.    

FYI-this is not a self help book or a guide to perfection, this is just simply a sliver into my world. Some of my ideas to gain some calmness & happiness could be to take a hot bath, make your favourite meal, snuggle with your pets, workout or move, read a book, etc. and while all of this is only some of what I do, the biggest and most hilarious activity I do is text my group of people-my girls oh and drink wine-red if you care!  

I think we go through life not understanding exactly what friendship can do for us! Like, really do for us! I am that person that likes to fix everything for everybody-used to be to a fault, (always working on and aware of my co-dependency and boundaries) now it is a choice and I follow the flow of reciprocal energy only. Not that you have to give to get-that is a no no in my heart but if you give it to a place you know feels safe, your energy and joy will not be drained or depleted. Make sure it will be refueled at some point by whom you have given it to in the past. Whew-that was some preaching!   

 My group of girls (you know you are and you better be reading this post) is filled with so many different personalities, outlooks, sizes, preferences, hair colour (not dyed-we have no grey yet) and so many other indifferences, yet we love each other without judgment, anger, pause or question! They all love me so much that they even choose, like make a conscious choice to put up with my kind of crazy! I am so inappropriate at times and my mind is always in the gutter (not sure if you knew that about me or not) and I always feel the need say what is on my mind without a filter (those damn filters-whole other story but come on ladies you can do better than showing your face in a filter) These girls are made for me because well they accept me for who I am regardless of any of my weird, different, quirky life hacks, witchcraft practicing ways and the list goes on.  

We often AKA not often enough like to get together and hang out, drink alcohol, do edibles and other legal drugs, dance, sing, talk money, real-estate, investments (not for long-BORING) talk about how funny high-school was for us-more like how long ago it was (oh man-all the blog ideas are rolling here), how life has treated us differently, about how exes can be such complete douche bags, how our partners and children can drive us mad, how sore our necks and bodies are and super dark secrets of course on how to take over the world-you know, normal shit!  Also, lots of talk about just running away like Thelma and Louise xx. Oh, and we (I am saying this loosely) pass gas too-you will explode if you don’t pass gas, you know that it is a totally normal thing to do right?? We like to do all of this with copious amounts of food and comfy clothes on or PJ’s or one of those new oversized hoodies that are like a moo-moo. If only we taped ourselves, you all could see into the real deal! That is just it-you need to find your real deals, the people that allow you to be you, no fancy show-off lives, no trying to make your life seem perfect or amazing (it is at times and we celebrate that too) but the people that just your ride or dies! I am thankful for the few that I have and I make sure they know who they are-no names mentioned here-see photos attached! Each one of these ladies hold a very special place in my heart and each bring me so much happiness-as if they have a choice!! Lol-suckers!!   

I have so many more stories! Okay, just a few about some pissing (I use pissing instead of peeing because it was coming fast & furious) their pants on a hike to the local dive bar and proceeding to just say fuck it and head there anyways-I know, they don’t come much classier than that, or about hiking through the neighbourhood with a ladder on our shoulders singing at the top of our lungs in the wee hours of the night, or trying to stretch the baby monitor signals across the street all to realize it wasn’t even on-we were close enough to hear, relax! I would reach word maximum over here if I kept going! Also, I want to have my ladies at the end of this!   

My long-winded point to this post is just to find what makes you happy, nurture it and understand that everyone has a different story but be kind, understanding, accepting, empathetic and sometimes judgmental-but do that shit in private with your ride or die company not on social media or for the world to see!  

Love harder today than yesterday and make a note to reach out and touch base with someone who may need it!  


Rosie xx 

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