OMG-some of you followed me!! Seriously though, thank you!  As soon as I posted that I was going to try blogging, I got so nervous. All the support and words of encouragement were super nice and you are all awesome! 

Some funny texts and DM’s came from friends as they had no idea I was even going to start a blog-well it was news to me too! Conversations around, how often does one blog, what is a blog even, why do people blog and what does one blog about? No one had any answers, haha! 

I think that it will just be a place and forum where I can be me, speak truthfully and hopefully have others smile and laugh alongside me and of course at me-story of my life!!

If you wanna just try your hand at it or are a seasoned writer and want to contribute, I can take guest bloggers, I can do whatever I want really-send me your stuff and we can post away!  

At first, I was thinking what have you done? Why would you want to add something more to your plate? Who is going to read or care about your blog? Who will want to read your stories (which I find hilarious) and find them funny? People are going to cringe at your run-on sentences and grammatical errors. All the reasons why not and then I said FUCK IT-this is for me and this will be what will be and just be a flow of topics, ideas and nothing too serious. 

I am sure some of my outlooks on things may come across as too much of this or too much of that but I think that is the beauty of writing and any art really-always up for interpretation. I think depending on what head space the reader is in, if they know me or not or maybe they are just are an asshole, reactions will be in whatever way suits them best. The pièce de resistance Is I don’t even think this blog platform has an option to add comments-so booyah! 

When I read blogs…I actually have never read a blog, nope, not even one! However, when I think about reading blogs I want to read something personal. I am known as Nosey Rosie and have been since I was little. Always wanting to know about people-where they live, what they do, what they love, their fav food, etc. I can gain a sense of who they are which I can then decide right away if they are my kind of people. I don’t wanna waste time trying to connect if it just doesn’t jive aka they don’t wanna be forthcoming and engage in my nosey-ness! All kidding aside, I know if I click with someone, like immediately after meeting them! Whole other blog topic on my energetic gifts will come another time! (See…super long winded, re-directed topic) IYKYKM M=me! 

I like to read things that hook me in right away, I want to feel like I can dive in and have fun with what I am reading. I am okay with deep, emotional and darker topics too, but same, I need to read the first few sentences and know I wanna stick around. You get me? 

I hope to be forthcoming about lots of my own experiences and be relatable to you the reader, or at least share my personal journey and how I got to where I am! Should I start each post with Dear Diary? I feel like I need something quirky-send me your…nvm you can’t! Joking-email me!

Rosie xx

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